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Market Exchange


PCF8 provides the Market Exchange for parties or individuals interested in sharing or learning about new products, inventions, best practices, learning materials, ideas or information related to open learning.

The organiser will provide space for you to display your showcase and a time slot for information sharing. You can bring your materials such as pamphlets/brochures for distribution.

This Market Exchange is open to all participants who register (see Registration on the site).

NOTE: The Market Exchange is only for sharing information, not for selling any information or products.


How to Register for the Market Exchange

To facilitate your need, please follow the steps below so we can assist you with the logistical preparations and support during the conference.

  1. Step 1: Go to HOME > REGISTER/LOGIN and input (Username & Password). Then go to Enrolled Programmes > Conference > Market Exchange.

  2. Step 2: Input the information requested in the Project Name/Title, Category and Materials Used fields.

  3. Step 4: Click SUBMIT

Upon your arrival at the conference, notify the sign-in staff at the registration counter that you are participating in the Market Exchange. You will receive further details, and may pass your materials to the staff at the registration counter.

The deadline to register for Market Exchange is 4 November 2016. For further inquiry, please email us at pcf8@oum.edu.my